VSAT Internet

VSAT Internet

Afghanistan Faiz Satellite (AFSAT) Communications provides reliable, cost effective VSAT internet services to Government, NGOs, NATO, ISAF private companies and business all over Afghanistan. AFSAT Communications expert team work with to tailor a solution that meets the specific needs of our clients.

AFSAT Communications provides different kind of VSAT services since 2002 all over Afghanistan

C Band:

AFSAT Communications provide C band dedicated and shared VSAT internet services with uptime 99.9 %. Our C band VSAT support up to 30 Mbps dedicated internet services and ideal for intense of unlimited usage.
C-band operates at a much lower frequency (3.7 – 4.2 Ghz) for downlinks and (5.9 – 6.4Ghz) for uplinks with large size antenna (above 1.8 m) and high transmit power enable to work in heavy rain, snow fall and offering a wider coverage area for convenient services. Other qualities include:

KU Band:

AFSAT Communications provide highly stable & quality Ku-Band internet services all over Afghanistan to its clients on iDirect based modems becausee Ku band shorter wavelength signals are more powerful and focused.
Suitable for small and large business Ku band also support higher bandwidths. Highly convenient in setup and relocation, Ku band VSAT cause lesser technical issues.

KA Band:

In the world of satellite broadband Internet, AFSAT Communications Ka-band technology is expanding its footprint Afghanistan. At the core of the migration to Ka-band is the additional capacity available on Ka-band satellites. Higher and faster internet speed, quality services in less fees attract our client’s towards Ka band internet services which is also available on iDirect platform (E1).
For dedicated two-way communications, spot beam technology allows extensive frequency reuse, at very lower cost.
AFSAT communications also provides MRTG account to their Client so they can check their Bandwidth usage.